Thursday, March 31, 2011

A white world again !!

It looked like it would be lovely weather today and I was so wrong!!
Pieter told me so and I would not listen.
It began round 11.00 c´clock, big white snowflakes and I was thinking about springtime!
Pieter had send me a picture of our boat on the trailer
Isn´t she lovely?

Nothing to do about the weather and I decided to have a look at what I took with me.
A whole basket full of stuff.
Some knitting, some crochet and a spindle with wool.
Where to begin first?
Opening the shop ofcourse...... how could I forget? :)
I hadn´t much to do so I did a lot of handcrafting.
Mostly spinning on Lena´s spindle I must say and when I came home I did a lot of Navajo plying with the wool I had spun, because Pieter already made diner so I didn´t have to do much.

It looks like my camera has had it´s time.
I will make some better pictures tomorrow by daylight.
Not bad for one day´s work. So I worked and I didn´t !!!!!!
Good night you all and sweet dreams