Monday, May 2, 2011

Colour Queens

Last thursday it was finally time to go to Gothenburg.
My first visit was to go to my dear friend Elin.
I arrived at 05.00 pm or so and had a wonderfull time at the balcony in the sun with a drink.
We made a dutch diner which I succeeded with I guess.
Then we went trough our fibers of course !! Up to the loft to find more fiber.
Girl, how much can you store !! :)
I got some very nice yarn from Elin and three bags of coloured finnull wool.

The next day Elin had to got to work so I followed with her.
I had a great time! To see Gothenburg from a boat is something different!

After that I had some errands to do and went off to a very small, nice, knittingshop.
Thanks to my GPS I managed to find everything.
And then off to Lena. The Colour Queens weekend can begin!!!

I arrived att Lena´s around 13.00 o´clock. Marie was allready there and made a wonderfull lunch.
The rest of the afternoon we spend with spinning at the veranda because it was beautifull weather.
We also went to Ikea to buy some jars and you always come home with more!!
After diner I visited Mia because she has some beautifull cottonyarn she dyes herself and I am going to make a african flowerbag.

Mia´s yarn

The beginning of my bag!

Saturdaymorning Dineke and Else arrived just in time for breakfast!
We unpacked the car and then it was time for lunch again and again Marie fixed it again.

Els with a hat to protect her against the sun.

Lost something Lena?
And then it was just waiting for the girls to show up.
It was beautiful weather and only sunday was a bit chilly.
Other pictures will follow when I have collected them all together.
And this is what I have done:

All of it !!

Blue Faced Leicester dyed with all the leftover from the course with Landscape Dyes


Close up of the Humbug

Eva´s alpacka dyed with Landscape Dyes Sarsparilla and Sugar Cane

Really love those colours


The same silk as above

On saturday night I got some spinninglessons from Mia about Thick and Thin spinning.
Not a bad result for the first time I suppose. I am going to twine it with silk dyed with Sarsparilla.

I had a lot of Alpacka lying around and I was able to make rovings on Lena´s fantastic electric Cardmachine

A close up of the Alpacka 
I am very pleased with the result and I am sure the rest was pleased as well. 
I am looking forward to our next meeting!!! 
And in the meantime: Go Colour Queens !!


  1. Looks like you´ve had a great time in Göteborg! Some very nice colors too!

  2. Thanks, it really was wonderful!

  3. Lovely days! Hope to see you soooooon again!

  4. Tack för en otroooligt inspirerande helg!!!

    Idag har jag färgat mycket "humbug" i färgerna som blev över i lördags - UHA!!!!! Sååå fint!!!!

    Jag har också med inspiration från Mia kardat vit BFL med färgat silke från helgen och spunnit en del av det. Så läckert!!! Men det blir nog en härva att bara klappa på och njuta av----det går ju inte att sticka/använda vita strumpor---:-(

    kram och hopp om att vi ses snart igen!