Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Rooster Kukeleku ..........

I was so happy to take home my new Brahma rooster!
When I came home yesterday with him I found one of my Brahma hens dead in the chicken coop.
So I cleaned the whole coop yesterday afternoon.
The Brahma rooster is called Tage, named by his formal owners.
Tage had to sit the afternoon out in the bench because the plan was to put him in when everyone was in the coop for the night.
I put him just before I went to bed and waited awhile and everyone was settled in (so i thought).
Jessy (our Labrador) woke me up at 4 am (a bit too early) because she wanted to go out and I would have preferred that she wanted to go out before I went to bed and she was not in the mood.
At that time I heard both roosters and thought everything was ok and went to bed again.
I woke up at 7 am again and went to the chicken coop right away and found my old rooster dead in the coop.
There was a deadly silence............
Darn....... he was so beautiful.

So now Tage is alone in the coop and is the master in the house.
Here a couple of pictures from him:

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