Friday, January 15, 2016

A long time ago!

Has it really been over 2 years that I last posted?
I most have lost my mojo big time.
Can't say I have a lot to talk about either.
Between the last post and now I have gotten two tennis elbows and I can say that I couldn't do much in the craft department.
I have slowly begin to do stuff and not a lot knitting and spinning, because that really hurts.
But enough of my complaining.

As you can see did I change my blog in Annuska's Crafts because that describes my work more at the moment and I am still not 100% happy with my lay out and working on it!

In 2015 I have discovered Inkle Loom weaving and I have so much fun with it.
There is also a thing that is called backstrap weaving and that I have learned to.
I still have to master that one and giving it time I will master it in the end.
Louise from has given classes at my place in 2015 and will continue so in 2016.
It is about the same group and not entirely. Some go and come and that is how it is.

Today I made my first soap batch and I'm so proud of myself!
I didn't burn myself and my daughter was not complaining that it smelled, so I obviously did a good job.

I have used this recipe by Amanda Gail and I making the laundry soap tomorrow, although I will not use Borax, because of the toxic nature it has.
I will you baking soda instead.
The washing soda was a bit of a puzzle, because we don't have that hear in Sweden, but we have something in the Netherlands that is called "Driehoek fijne soda" and that seemed to be the washing soda and as faith would have, I still have a big in my stash!
I even bought a good blender for it with a grinding option so I can make it as fine as powder.
So I used this soap calculator with 0% fattening and these ingredients:

100 gram coconut oil
76 gram water
37 gram lye

I was amazed that it was so easy.

This is what my soap looked like when I poured it in the mood

And this one like about 1,5 hours later.
Can you the difference?
I didn't bother to put it in nicely, because I have to grind it into powder later on.

It was so much fun to do and I also have ordered an E-book about making soap from Jan Berry.
She has a blog as well with a lot of recipes.
I have noticed that a lot of people making soap make big batches and I will make small batches in the beginning to try out what suites me and my family the best.
And in Europe you are not allowed to sell Homemade soap.
It has to be tested first and that cost like 400 dollars per product so that is not going to happen.
Maybe someday when Sweden is getting out of this EU madness.
Soap has been made in a hundred years and we want to make natural soap without the bad stuff the commercial brands put it in.

This is to be continued!