Tuesday, March 29, 2011

My first weaving experience

Inspite of my cold I put on my first weaving project on the knittersloom from Ashford.
I had to put it on myself and I think I managed.
my first effort !!

This is the material I am going to work with.
The very pink on the bobbin is Merino 18.5 which I spun and plyed Navajostyle for the warp and the two pink mixed colours from silk and BlueFaceLester for the weft.

Putting on a knittersloom is fairly easy.
I have put it on within 45 minutes so very fast.

Here I am threading through the whole of the reed

Putting the yarn on a shuttle. Doesn´t it look amazing?

And here I am weaving under a watching eye of Marianne!!

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  1. Vet du vad det värsta med det här inlägget är?

    Jo, att jag också blir sugen på att väva! :S Känner att jag bara sjunker djupare och djupare ner i fiberträsket... Blubb...