Sunday, April 3, 2011

En dag i bilen

If you are stuck in a car the whole day you have some knitting with you in the car right?
We took off at 9 am and I was back home with Noortje at 5 pm!
In Sweden my eldest daughter (16 years) is allowed to drive a car if I am sitting next to her!!! 
So her we are!!

So my basket was filled with goodies. 
First I took up an old project and it is called a heater shawl.

I dyed the wool myself and it turned out beautifully.
The only thing when I picked it up again was that I had found something wrong!
So I took out a big deal and that took the whole ride. 
Sanne did not want to drive back so that was my knitting !!
I am going to knit now and watching tv with Noortje (my other daughter)
Yesterday I managed to begin with spinning babyalpacka from Lena.
Very nice. Pictures tomorrow because my Iphone is not taking good pictures when it is dark.
My camera is really not working. Not nice

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