Monday, April 4, 2011

What did I do today?

My days are just to short !!
I began with a round of running with the dogs.
They have to go out and I definitely needs the exercise !
I cleaned out the chickencoop and they would not leave me alone.
Ofcourse they wanted to lay eggs exactly the moment I began.
They were really anoying me!
After the big cleaning and showered ofcourse and then............... some spinning.
I began with the baby alpacka from Lena.
And here are the results:
Baby Alpacka is so fluffty

I am very proud of my thread till now.
Tomorrow evening I will do the rest.
It was only 50 gram so we will see what to do with it.
I have some dyed tencil in my stock, maybe I will twined it with it.

It was getting late so a short round for the dogs and then of to Eva with her First Aid Knitting Mondays!
I always try to go there and today I was a bit late and I managed.
But before I went I picked up the telephon (as a formal telephonist I cannot let go!) and a lady called to order a Rose from Majacraft!!! I am over the moon! She was a participant in the spinningcourse.
Very nice and I hope I can deliver The Rose very soon!
After all an exciting day for me.
The icing on the cake!
And tomorrow I am going to sit and finish my websiteshop in swedish. I am not a nightperson and maybe tomorrow I will be!!

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  1. Hej!!
    Grattis till försäljningen!! Och din alpacka ser superfin ut :)) Jag har spunnit lite alpacka också, och lite silk hankies - bara prover ännu, men det blir fint. Och så har jag dragit på mej Grötö-förkylningen jag också nu... suck.