Sunday, April 10, 2011

my treasures

Today I had to drive Noortje into town because she had a basketbalgame.
So I took the chance to drive by my adress who had some wool lying for me!
A lot fits in my very small car.
This is wool from the Swedish Värmlandssheep.
We will see what I will be able to do this week!!
Have to work on Thursday and Friday!!
So hopefully before that I have done something.

In the meantime I began spinning again from my Alpacka wool.
I think I have 6 baskets in the basement and after spending a whole they on the computer it is definitely time for something else. 

And then my hens!!!
I do not have to colour any egg this year!!! 
Just look at that.
Smal, thin, big, fet, gorgeous eggs.
We always had one hen to lay blueish/greenish eggs and I think one of her daughters does it too.

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