Saturday, April 9, 2011


What have I done the last couple of days?
I offered a friend to take care of her shop this month on thursdays and fridays and I really did a lot.
Thursdaymorning I had a busy morning!
No knitting just selling and serving and then I had my chance after 13.00 o´clock.
I had two shawls waiting for me to be finished so I did. It was kind of a project and I managed.
A purple I had knitted an I-cord on the knittingmachine and was not a great succes.
It was tight and not at all comfy so started again by hand and it turned out beautifully.
The otherone is also nice but not as soft as the purple one.
Pictures of the shawls will follow.

I also finished twining my baby Alpacka from Lena on my Ashford Joy.
Yesterday evening and this evening I span coloured rami to twine it with the alpacka and turned out lovely.

My Alpacka with coloured Rami.
Maybe I will take a better picture tomorrow in daylight !

I was thrilled by the mail yesterday!!!
Ordered to books at bookdepository and have been waiting for them all week long.
Finally I have them and now I can take on my next project.
I have been invited to a springfair in May and the themes is....: FOOD!!!
So I am going to knit and crochet food.
I love them and hope it all turn out well.

And I have to finish some other projects as well.
Only one foot left of my dragon so I better be moving on!
Hope I have time tomorrow.

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