Monday, June 6, 2011


Last wednesday I went off to Gothenburg to stay with Elin till Sunday.
My youngest daughter hada Basketbal tournement there so I took the time to combine those two.
The car was filled with goodies and with goodies I mean wool and that kind of thing.
Elin asked me to take the carder with me and I took with me Värmlands wool and a lot of other things.
It was like an invasion when I came to Elin:

I had my own corner :)
The next day I went to see my youngest play Basketbal and I am very proud to say that I went with the tram into town and to the hall she was playing. I am so used to use my car.
I even managed to find my way back again!

We (Elin and I) spend the afternoon with sorting wool and it was a lot !!!

You will understand that this is woolheaven for us!!
Some of the wool was in great condition and a lot wasn´t.
We do not agree on all of the wool though so Elin has to proof something!!
I´ll hope see managed because then I will save also a bit more wool than I used too.
We will see.

In the evenings I made a new friend: Frasse !
Here he is lying on my lap while I was spinning.
He sure loves the rhythm of the spinningwheel and my lap.
So relaxed and cosey.

The days went by so fast and now I am home again.
Elin offered to wash my Värmlandwool so that was staying behind, together with my Ashford Joy that she wants to test. So I am forced to spinn on my Majacraft Little Gem.

My värmland wool
Will be very nice to see here again. 
Love that girl !!

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