Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Tuttifrutti !!

What have I been doing today?
I woke up this morning fairly early 08.00 am and the whole house (we and our guests (7 off them)) was in rest and the weather looked fine so I went out to the veranda and took with me my spinningwheel and started spinning. It is wonderful to sit outside with your spinningwheel and not a soul around !
I must say I have done a lot today.
When the two youngest guests woke up and watched me spinning I had to get two spindles which I made myself and here they are, spinning like pro`s:

Then my oldest daughter woke up and had planned to go horseriding at friends of ours and the girls wanted to come along so I picked up my cardplanks, wool and my campingchair and off we went!

I have to make a lot of them in preparation for the Gammelvala.
We came home a couple of hours later and there was peace and quiet again so I carried on on the spinningwheel and this is the result:

Pictures taken in the shadow

Picture taken in the sun

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