Thursday, November 17, 2011

A little sweater with big consequences

In oktober we (my husband and I ) went for a trip to Denmark and bought some wool and a description of a hoodysweater at Rasmilla in pink. This is what it is going to be:

I began knittin almost immediately and after I lost my countings several times I got tired and threw it in a corner!
But christmas is coming and it is after all a christmaspresent so last week I decided to gather courage and began again.
The same problem again: I keep losing track of my countings. So I decided to make a knittingchart and looked on google and I found a knittingfont !!! Have you ever heard of that? I certainly did not!
Here are some links to a view:
I used the Kauri font.

 With the chart it was so much easier to keep track of knitting and my cables untill I found out that one of my cables were not right! I did not take out the whole sweater, just the cable and fixed it. You can see it on the second picture.
But now thinks are looking good and I have come so far and only have to cast off for the neck:

I hope my brothers daughter will keep warm in it and I keep you posted here on my blog how I am getting on.

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