Thursday, November 10, 2011

A lot has happened.

A lot has happened since october.
Where shall I begin?
I have been very busy to make my webshop and it is now online!!
Yeahh, finally and you can find it here. My shop is called Fibershoppen.
Hope you like it!! I am very pleased with it and offcourse it will be filled with a lot of goodies in the future as well.
On the third of november I had my second Drop-In Day and that we so very nice!!

Sandy came the day before so we had a great time crafting together and she gave me a lovely tops as well. I span it with a certain technique I never heard of.
You learn everyday and I totally forgot the name and I will ask Sandy about it. 

A lot of nice ladies showed and we had a great time so I hope to see them (and new additions as well) on the first of december!
I'll take care of coffee, tea and baking.

Thanks to a lovely lady on the internet I bought a E-spinner and allthough it makes a lot noise, it is great fun.
I had to try it out right away. Everything else had to wait to test my new toy. I had butterflies flying around like crazy in my stomage and laughed out lout and nobody at home understood!!
So I was in seventh heaven when all the packages came in the same week.

On the twentysecond of October I had a spinningcourse with 6 lovely ladies in Skillingfors.
Randi gave my a bag of angorawool from her rabbit to try to spin it.
I carded it first and then I spun it and here is the result of the sample:

And between everything knit as well. Knitting a couple of shawls and slippers for my oldest daughter and giving courses. Life is sweet !!!

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  1. It's called fractal spinning.

    I had a great time at your open house and hope to be able to come again soon!