Tuesday, February 21, 2012

My second podcast has launched

Today it was a bit of Christmas Eve.
I got a package today and it was full of wool. Yeahhhh
It is always a treat to open the box and see if your dreams has come true!
Mine did come true, I must say.
Todays podcast is a lot about my treasures today.
This week I will not have to time to blog I think.
If I have some leftover time I will definitely blog.
Have a nice week everyone and enjoy my podcast here if you want.

1 comment:

  1. He meis!

    Wat leuk zeg dat gepodcast!
    Het is leuk om te luisteren terwijl jij gezellig
    over al je dingen aan het vertellen bent!
    Ik zou het toch niet durven hoor...
    En wat maak je toch mooie dingen,handig die tas
    want je hebt ook een hoop spullen nodig.
    Leuk he hobby's....maar waar laat je je zooi!

    Xxxxx Peet,