Wednesday, February 1, 2012


Last monday I thought it was time for my first podcast and so I began to talk to my computer.
I have never been more nervous!
How can you be nervous by speaking into a webcam on the computer, well I was.
The recording took a little (read, a long) time before I was kind of satisfied and then the whole circus began.
I thougt it was just easy peasy and it was not.
Untill today I have been struggling and searching and asking how to do it.
Finally I came to a very good friend and he told me what to do.
Thank god for that.
I was beginning to lose hope and I allready mad another blog for only my podcasts.
So I was thinking that I was well prepaired.
I hope, with the help of my friend and Vimeo, to have this podcast up and running by tonight.
I really, really hope so.
And all off my big plans went up in smoke because I have not knitted a lot, only a view rows, but tomorrow is open house and everyone is welcome to come to craft at our house and I think I am going to knit a lot.

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