Wednesday, May 16, 2012

A crazy day !!

I had planned to do a lot of things and it was not meant to be I suppose.
It started yesterday when we should wash all the laundry from the B&B because we would have guests today.
The washing machine broke down and my husband  took with him some laundry to my mom. 
This morning the washing machine still was not working and I sat down to do some blogging when both my mom and my husband came home and we had to drive to Karlstad to get some things for my husband because he is doing the bathroom and my mom's house.
When we came back it was late in the afternoon and had not been able to sit down untill now.
You still have to wait for the story from the weekend and I promise that as soon I have more time left I will blog about the Denmark weekend.

Bye for now!


  1. He meis,

    Ja soms heb je van die dagen!
    Maar een wasmaschine die kapot is,o..daar
    kan ik zo niet tegen!!
    Is het ondertussen al weer opgelost?
    Enne woont jouw mams ook in Zweden?
    Alvast een fijn weekend!

    Xx Peet.

  2. Hoi peet,
    Nee, de wasmachine is nog niet opgelost.
    Ik ga me maar eens even aankleden en naar de winkel om te vragen hoe het nou zit.
    Heb vandaag weer geblogd, dus even rust.