Wednesday, May 23, 2012


Weeks are going by like crazy!
It has been almost two weeks since I went to the woolfestival in Saltum.
I have not blogged about it and feeling bad about it as well.
What happened? I don't know
It is hard to understand that it has been such bad weather when I left to Saltum because the last couple of days has been sunny and warm. Almost too warm.
Back to Saltum.
I left friday morning about 4 am to the ferry in Gothenburg.

It was raining and cold and I was caught in a traffic jam there. My, was that a long time ago I found myself in a traffic jam!
No panic because I had counted on that.
Arrived at the ferry and I accidently took the wrong lane. Lucky me !!!
I was getting on and off first. So I was soon on my way in Danmark.
It was kind of crazy on the ferry. I lot of screaming kids and of course I had my knitting with me. So no problem waiting.
I was on the other site at 12 noon and was at destination at 1 pm att Anja Sørensen.
She showed me the cottage and I was on my one.

Maybe some other felting women would join me in the cottage but that did not happen so I was on my one the first night and then I had Renee to accompany me on saturdaynight.

The felting ladies have slept in this wonderfull thing:

I left to go into Løkken, went to the beach as well, not that it was sunny but I love the coast when it is windy.

It is so very different in Denmark then it is here in Sweden.
It reminded me a bit of The Netherlands.

We could not build up untill the next day.
The same day the market was starting at 10.00 am.
So best to get up early and get going.
As you can see did i had a lot of merchandise in the car.
I have been spinning the most of the days on my Ashford spinning wheel the Joy.
I had a lot of admirers.

My neighbours on my right and on my left I had some lovely ladies from the Danish Spinning Association.

I have had a great time and it was also good to be back home again.

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