Monday, July 2, 2012

Tour de Fleece

Everyone in Europe has been under the spell of European football and on top of that the Tour de France has started as well.
As most of you know are there a lot of Tour de Fleece groups on Ravelry to participate with.
We have a Tour de Fleece of our own on Facebook.

What is that? Tour de Fleece?
It is an event that is all about spinning.
Every group has is own goal so to speak and in our group everything is very relaxed.
You do what you can and everyone can have a goal of there own which everyone can subscribe in a document.

I have 200 grams BFL (70)/Silk (30) mix to spin in a green color range from Willow Fair Wool.
130 grams of rainbow tops from Susses Spindehjørne, which I already have span but not sure how to ply it.
Suggestions more then welcome.
I have two bobbins of a Mediterranean 56's English tops (swapped it with a friend) which I want to ply with a blend of my own.
I am note sure though if that is what I really want, because the blend is kind of a dark blueish and I am afraid that it will take the colors down instead of complementing them.
So we will see how it goes about that.
And then I have two 50 grams tops lying.
One very pink and one lilac blend. Merino/Silk and I am going to experiment with that one.

I bought a DVD from Spinning Daily from Jacey Boggs and what to try something from that video. 
And I am sure that I will have some more projects. 
Ohh, already comes one to mind. I got a request of dyeing wool and spin it for someone so I think I am going to add that to the list.
And I have spun 100 grams Merino/silk blend for a customer. 

So it is all about spinning the coming month and I did the green skein on my electric Babe and that was not easy and a lot of noise. I am kind of more friends with it know then ever before but I must say that I love my Ashford Joy more!!


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