Thursday, July 12, 2012


Last Monday I have been following a dyeing course at Ateljé Norrgården and had a lot of fun.
I have now more understanding for the colors to make with the Jeaba cold dyes.
This is what we did last Monday in good company of Liisa, Catarina, Lisa och Karin som ledare:

And all this with the three basic colors like yellow, blue en red.
Isn't it amazing?

If you like to book a dyeing course and try this out please contact me!
It is so fun to do and you will be truly amazed like I did.

Thank you so much Karin for the invitation.

And on top of all that I got a present as well.
I while ago I have been participating with a trade where you were supposed to find a mug and buy some yarn and send it to a given person.
My trading person was Catarina and she obviously know what i like and here is my gift. I love it!!! Thank you so much Katta!

This is going to be my favorite mugg I think!

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  1. Wat is verven toch leuk, he? Ik ben er de laatste tijd ook heel druk mee geweest en zal er binnenkort ook over in mijn blog schrijven!