Monday, January 14, 2013

Att lisa's

Last Saturday Lisa opened her house for a knitting gathering and because it is for me a 3,5 hours drive I wasn't feeling up to drive back and forwards so Ulrika offered me a bed. Thank you so much Ulrika and I had a great time.
My journey began Saturday morning with some packing and this I put my IPhone on "not to be disturbed" just to check out if it was working and it did.
I decided to make a stop at Trolhättan's shoppingmall to do some shoppings and I noticed that Paulina and my daughter rang me when I was driving and haven't heard a thing.
I must say that it was more relaxing this way.
Pauline wondered if we could grab lunch and we should meet in Alingsås and what a nice place.
My daughter just wanted to tell that they won a basketball match in Poland. Very proud of here!
After lunch we drove up to Lisa and soon everyone was dropping in.
It was so nice to meet other people that hadn't seen before.
We disgusted everything and changed Apps as well.
There are things you cannot be without and the App Knitcompanion is one of them as far as I'm concerned.
Time flew by like always and 6 pm it was time to go home again. First I had to rearrange everything in the car to give everyone a seat. It wasn't a long drive to Ulrika and I had the drivers seat so I wasn't complaining.

Once at Ulrika's it was time to make some diner and after diner knitting of course. What else!
We went to bed like 1 am. Far too late.
Ulrika was given a spinning wheel by her kids and of course I had to try if it was working.
With a few adjustments and a good night sleep it was working.
Steel wire and sheabutter did the trick this time.

The next day I met my daughter in Gothenburg and we had a great time.
After the holidays she forgot a couple of things so I got a list of what to pack for her.
We had lunch and after that I drove home again.

I came home with no one to greet me and that felled a little strange but it didn't took long before our dog walked through the door.
Reunited and very happy. The both of us!

Thanks everyone for making this a great weekend.
No I am of to Örebro for another knitting gathering.

Have a good knitting time!

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