Friday, January 25, 2013

Dumb dumb dumber

Last Wednesday it was BIM-day.
BIM is a friend of mine and it is her nickname and every Wednesday I drop by because she is recovering from an operation that took a long time to take place (since the summer) and have visited her (almost) every wednesday since summer.
We always have fun and lately I always forget something at her place.
It is not a drama just inconvenient.

Like last wednesday.
In my podcast last week I talked about having way to many WIP's and UFO's, so the plan is to finish every week and this week it should be my Tunesian crochet cardigan.

I brought it with me to BIM to show her the cardigan. (The cardigan just needed to be sewn and I broke all my needles on the sewing machine.)
To make a very long story short I was able to sew at her place and would take it back home to make the button band.
I had with me another project as well, this one so I had other things to do during my stay.
When it was time for me to go home, I packed my things, took the dog with me (she always comes with me) and left.

When I got home I had a wonderful idea: to clip up my cardigan and lock it with my locking machine.
So the whole shabam was on the table and I couldn't find my cardigan!!!
A sms came through with a picture of my cardigan at my friends place.
And that is not all!

The next day on Facebook.
We have a online knitting café and on Thursday we had a theme called weaving in the ends and I had a lot weaving to do on the cardigan so I was so happy about untill I realised (it sometimes takes a while) that my cardigan was at BIM's.
Big bummer.
So I knitted on my tunic instead and adjusted my new adition to the spinning wheel family and spun and watched podcasts as well.

It has not been my week I suppose.

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