Wednesday, February 5, 2014

My husband's sweater

Finally it is of the needles.
It has taken me almost a year to make it.
Not that it was that hard.
I just lost my mojo at times I guess.
After two days of monogamous knitting I finished it.
The pattern is one of my own and I have not written it down.
You can do this in any plain sweater.
Just adjust the cabling and you'll be fine!
Can't wait for hubby to come home and see what he thinks of it now.

I have knitted the sweater bottom up and started with a "ribbing".
Normally I knit stockinette and do one purl row in the middle and then I fold and knit as many rows as I did before the purl stitch and pick the life stitching.
This was not the best way to go. It formed like a skirt.
Hubbies do not want to wear skirts so when i knew what I wanted on the ribbing on the sleeves I decided to do the same ribbing on the the bottom of the sweater. That involved massive ripping.
The ribbing is a 1,1 twisted rib and the binding off is a I-cord bind off.
So now the result is very satisfying to me.
Hope he will have the same opinion.
Let's move on to the next project!

The yarn is from Kia Gabrielsson and was lovely to knit with.
I am sorry for the different colors and the most accurate color is the first picture.
Very grey!

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  1. Wow! Vilket arbete! Otroligt fint mönster, jag tror att din make kommer att bli mycket nöjd och glad!
    Ska du till Fattigskogen i år? :-)