Monday, December 9, 2013

Perfect combination!

What is a better combination then snowing outside and spinning?
That is what has happened the last couple of days!

On Saturday I had a very early morning, 5am!
I dropped my mom and my eldest daughter of in Karlstad because they had to catch the 6.45am train to Stockholm and it was on my way to my youngest daughter.who had a national basketbal games where she lives. 4 hours away from us and I planned to drive home again the dame evening.
So my Sunday should be my rest-doing-nothing-day!

It started snowing heavily yesterday and it stopped around 3 pm.
A perfect day to pick up spinning again on my Ashford Joy.
In between I decided to take a walk with the dog!
The poor thing has to go out even if it was my layback day, right?

Yesterday I finished the first bobbin and today during my (Aussie) hangout I spun the second bobbin today. 

Tonight I will start the third one and then hope that it will fit all nicely together. 

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