Saturday, January 30, 2016

Productive weekend

I have had a productive couple of days.
Last week I did some soap making and I not sure yet if the recipe turned out ok.
This is what my shampoo bar looks like right now.

I tried to put a stamp on them but they were to soft. So I will try it out in a couple of weeks.

This week I did a lot of weaving.
Projects with techniques I thought I could never master.
Some I did and some I didn't.
I am very pleased with this one.
I think started this one about a year ago maybe more.
Trying to right letters in the double weave technique.
Now I don't why I haven't looked at it for so long.
It is actually pretty basic once you get the hang of it.

My glue can in as well.
It is called bookbinders glue and I have used it on the pink strap as well as on my husband to be guitar strap.
It give such a good ending and it is kind of flexibel as it is hard.

Last Friday it had been two weeks ago my dear friend past away and as it turned out I was in the basement looking for something else and there it was the strap she started and have given to me to finish because card weaving was not here cup of tea.
You have to know that she was a very good weaver, spinner, craftswoman in general and made beautiful things.
Always looking for something new to learn.
So Friday it was time to finish it and I did. The lower part is the piece that she did and the upper part is my work.
I will treasure it for ever!

And then today I finished also a card weaving project approximately from the same era as my pink strap.
I could not and stil cannot get my head around this pattern.
It looks so good in the book from Louis Ström and I have to learn how to read the pattern.
She is giving a class again at my place in april so then I'm going to master this.
Definetely! I will not give up!
I made so many mistakes and the wool was hard to handle as well.
I'm still happy with the colours.
It didn't came out right in the picture because it is dark so early here and I wanted to write the blog right now.

So today I finished this strap and I can't remember when I got this fiber from my friend that passed away and had spun this like a couple of months ago on a spin retreat and today I plied it on my Hansen E-spinner.
Still haven't made a skein of it.
Maybe later.
This is what it turned out on the bobbin.

Until we meet again!

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