Friday, April 1, 2016

A new family member

Hi y'all!
A lot has happened the last couple of weeks and I really haven't had or taken the time to write a blog.
Yesterday for 3 weeks ago with have bought a new family member.
May introduce to you: MILOU!

Milou is a charcoal labrador and because of the color she cannot have papers on her!
Isn't that the weirdest thing?
Her dad is from the USA and her mom from Germany and now she lives with a dutch family living in Sweden.
How international do you want it to be?
I don't have to tell you how cute she is, because you will all agree on that, right?
She is adorable. Sleeps since a week through the night.
The first two week were hard, especially the second week.
My husband was abroad that second week and I'm not good in waking up at night.
It affects my mood big time!
Good that have been home by myself most of the time!
The last days of my loneliness with her I put her in the crate at night and warned my daughter about, because her sleeping room lies above.
Well, I thought I would catch up some sleeping time, but that wasn't in the stars for me.
My daughter slipped into a kind of coma because the next day I asked if she heard anything and she didn't hear a thing.
How in the world is that possible?
She howled for hours!
So finally she slept in the bed with me!
Yeah, yeah, I know! I big nono, but I really had to catch up sleeping.
But as in last week she sleeps from 10 pm till 6 am so we cannot complain and ....... she sleeps in her own cushion next to the bed.

And because of this little wonder I got inspired too.
So I made her leashes!
One on the Inkle Loom and I made one for her sister Molly too!
And I sewed one.

This is the one made on the Inkle Loom!

This is the one I sewed!
I will wait for the collar until she is full grown, otherwise I would be making a collar every week!
Once you have a puppy and searched the internet and especially Etsy, you will go ballistic!
I ordered tags from HappyTag and I haven't got them yet, but if I do, I will make her a collar to fit her as an adult.
I can't wait for them to come in.
The other ones are for my daughters dog Freija.
Our neighbours bought Milou's sisters Molly, so I bought one for Molly and one is for Molly's big brother Bruno.
Bruno is one of our puppies we had 10 years ago and he is with us on a regular basis.

Enough doggie talk.

On the international women day I happen to have my birthday.
My husband didn't had any idea of what to buy me and I'm always full of ideas!
Who isn't, right?

So I asked him what my budget was and at first he didn't want to tell me, but eventually he told me and I ordered as a brave girl within budget!
Now your are very curious of what I bought right?

The story is that I'm not really fond of the looms I have.
I have the Ashford Inklette and an Ashford Inkle Loom which I have adapted and still not very happy with it.
So I have for months now searched the internet for a loom that I could think buying and I came out on a site from Germany.
He really knows his thing.
The site, unfortunately, is only in German.
No problem for me, speaking is another mather!

So this is the loom I bought with a couple of extra's and I already want another "extra".

So the extra on my loom is an board for tablet weaving and it works like a charm.
I only had 20 tablets so I had to take some others cards for the edges.
That's not optimal but it works.

There is one thing that I would to add to this loom and that is a little table that you kind of klick on on the side so that you can have your tablet or your pattern on paper there.
So that would be my next order and a couple of the wonderful wooden tablets he has.

This is what I have on the loom now!

I have found an awesome program on the internet.
It is called Twisted Threads and a great program to have on your tablet because it gives you the opportunity to weave with your pattern.
There is also a Facebook group for this program.
Sure, I'm not good in explaining this but just have a look at the online program and you will fall in love.
The only thing that I screwed up is that I had a pattern from GTT and thought I did it right and obviously I didn't, because my pattern was upside down and I had to weave it exactly the opposite of what was written.
So I will change that for another time.
I'm still happy with the colors and the look of it.
Well, that is all I wanted to say.

Have a great one and until next time!

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