Monday, March 7, 2016

A wonderful weekend

Hello everyone,
I have had the best weekend in a long time!
Three of four times a year I organise a spin retreat in my house.
We have a big basement that is actually a one family apartment I would say.
Three bedrooms, a big kitchen and a very spacious living room.
Normally we gather on Friday night and for those who wants to earlier, that's ok too.

This year was different. 
I planned this weekend the same weekend as there was a Wool Festival going on.
And that Wool Festival is about a 40 minutes drive from my house.
So a couple of the girls came on Thursday night and we all drove to the Festival and meet up with the others their!
Well, it was a mad house. A lot of people!
They came from all over the country and as I was a vendor for a couple of years a lot of people came to me for a talk. 
Very nice!
One of the vendors stayed the night with me as well.
Renee Darley, she is really wonderful and she came all the way from the northern part of Sweden.
You can read about her here and here.

Ofcourse there was a lot to see and I only bought some stuff for tablet weaving. 
I have to say, I really behaved!

I got some presents too, part because tomorrow is my birthday and part to say thanks for being here. 
Totally not necessary but really nice anyway!

And because we bought some new dye from here we had to try it right? 
We dyed in a ricecooker and that I didn't figure it myself is a mystery to me.
I mostly dye in a pasteuriser and a ricecooker is just the little version of that. 
Just awesome!
I had some Austermann Merino Lace that I have been wanted to dye for ages and now I did!
The plan is to knit this out of it. 
Hope my arms will be better soon so that I can start on that one.
Although, I promised myself to finish my husbands blanket first.
The boat is really coming along now and she is definitely going in the water this year and I want to have his blanket finished by then. 
So here is my dyed yarn:

These colors are actually quit right.

All and all a great weekend!
I did a bit of spinning too and very pleased with it and already looking forward to the new retreat!
Until next time!

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