Thursday, April 19, 2012

A bad beginning of the day

Normally I have no problem of wakening with birdsongs, but seriously 6 am?!
I was turning my self over and thought I would fall a sleep again, no way!
So at 6.30 am I decided to get out of bed and do some knitting.
At 08.00 am I had a breakfast guest at the breakfast table and that was nice.
He left about 09.00 am and had to go out with the dog and free my hens because at 10.00 am I had an appointment at the garage, so I thought.
So I had set my mind on a waiting period for at least an hour and had my knitting with me.
I came in and got a surprised look back and it turned out that I had an appointment at 08.00 am!
What an idiot I am.
But to every downside has its benefits.
It meant that I had some spear time!
So I checked out some messages at Facebook and had a very nice chat with some dutch ladies from my dutch knitting group and I have to say: "It made my day".
Had a good laugh and was directly inspired to blog again.
So now, my friends, I am going to do some household chores.

Bye, bye for now!

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