Saturday, April 28, 2012


Last weekend we had a knittingmeeting at my place.
We were with three in the beginning and later on P joined us.
It was a lot of talking, spinning, knitting and a lot of fun!
S tried out my Majacraft Little Gem and was delighted with it. She also brought her Majacraft Rose and so did P and BM had her Ashford Traveller with her which I am going to fix asap.
My living room looked like this:

I was working on a project and was not quite satisfied with it. The project was to spin 100 grams of black angora wool.
The thing is that I had to give it away as a price and I wanted the yarn to be equal and balanced and unfortunately that did not happen. I begin with spinning on my Ashford Joy just from the fiber as it was and that gave a very uneven yarn. The next I tried with rolags and that was much better.
Here a picture of my rolags, the two bobbins and the skein.

S learned me a wonderful trick. As you have two bobbins to ply with and have some left on one bobbin just make some preparations as if you would andean ply your bobbin and then ply them together again. Isn't that wonderful? Then you have no left overs!

And what is life without a Chai Latte?

Today I have some spinners coming over for some lessons.
So I have to hurry now.
Have a nice weekend with a lot of crafts!


  1. Suuuuperhelg!!! ;)
    Vi hörs/ses imorgon söndag...
    Må så grankott...
    Kram Bim

  2. He Meis...

    Dat zag er juist heel gezellig uit!
    Ik zie het voor me,kleppende vrouwen...pot thee of koffie..nog meer kleppen,iedereen gezellig aan de brei..of wat dan ook!!
    Ik ben niet echt op de hoogte van het knittingjargon!
    Heel veel plezier vandaag met het geven van spinles ;))

    Dikke kus Peet!!!