Tuesday, May 1, 2012


Last weekend I had a spinning course with two lovely ladies, Anna and Helena.
We started right away and had some tea sometime later and had to almost force them because they were so dedicated.
This time it was a dropspindle course and I began with spinning with very smal tops.
Here in Sweden we call it förgarn!

When they got the hang of it we did some spinning with tops and that was a bit harder.
We used Cheviot and is a very good beginnerstops.

After spinning singles it is time to ply and make some yarn.
I have told them to Andean ply from a drop spindle.
If you only have one spindle that is the way to do it.
My myself tried out some Navajo plying on the fly and that worked like a charm.
Was very amazed and proud of myself :)

And here the result of the course:

I think then can both be very proud of the work they have done.


  1. I think a course with you could go on my birthday-wish-list!!! <3

  2. Another way to ply when you have only one spindle is to use both ends of a centre pull ball.
    Or to make two balls and ply from them.