Tuesday, June 19, 2012


What a day!
I could borrow my mothers car after all and did drive to Örebro for the WWKIP day.
As always I have to recuperate before I can write again.
Seems to be like that all the time. 
It would be better though to write right away.

I parked the car somewhere and it turned out that I parked at the back of the building where I should be. 
Kind of lucky.
Karin and Catarina were very happy with their Ashford Joy spinning wheels. 
Mission accomplished!

I think there were like 30 people or so. Quit a lot and lots of things to buy!
Karin from Ateljé Norrgården was there with here lovely home dyed yarn.
Linda from Garnstumpan was right beside her with here sister Ulrika from Stickamera.
Here are a few more:
Stickhjälpen och många mer.
Louise Moritz provided us with food, coffee and cake.

I met a lovely lady who almost knitted the way I do with long needles and have been struggling Sunday night to hold the work the way she does and have not succeeded yet.
There is hope though because she will attend a spinning course in Oktober by me. 

I had a wonderful time and got a sack of wool as well from Ylva. 
And this is what it looked like when I came in:

Ateljé Norrgården

I love the colours Karin makes

This fabric will be a knitting bag. 

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