Monday, September 3, 2012

Spinning event

Last weekend I had my spinning weekend.
We had a great time with a lot of laughter.
Unfortunately my soup was not eatable and had to come up with something else.
The first to arrive was Rose-Marie and soon Marianne joined us as well.
I helped Gun getting her things from the car and she is only spinning from her Samoyeed dogs hair.
Not long after her Catarina and Louise joined the club.
This time we were with 5 women and hopefully next time we will be with a lot more.
Louise was not planning on spinning and we got her to try the spinning wheel in the end as well.
She began with a hand spinner and watched a movie on how to do it.
See how concentrated she is!

And it did not take long until we were spinning on wheels.
Louise is a bit hidden behind Catarina and everyone is spinning on an Ashford Joy.

Karin's spinning wheel (Ashford traditional) did arrive as well so I had to put it together so that Catarina could take it with her to Karin.

Unfortunately Bim was not able to come and I spun at here spinning wheel the Ashford traveller:

The special washing machine I bought in the Netherlands had to be tried out as well and the wool (Texel) came out a bit felted and Rose-Marie helped me by pulling out everything:

 Här sitter Marianne och spinner på sin Louet och ser desutom nöjd ut:

and did we had a good time!

The next pary will start on the 3th of november.
Everyone is welcome!

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